Challenge Driven Innovation for Nonprofits

An InnoCentive White Paper

Two of the most significant challenges facing nonprofits are securing funding and demonstrating the real impact of their work in an open and transparent way. This white paper explores how InnoCentive’s Challenge Driven Innovation methodology and tools can make a tremendous impact on nonprofit organizations’ ability to solve Challenges that matter most for the public good, assist in fundraising efforts, optimize scarce resources, and harness the same proven innovation methods that have been available to commercial organizations for years. We cover:

  • The process through which InnoCentive works with nonprofit organizations
  • The concept of Grand Challenges: a well-formed problem – or series of problems – for which a solution has high value and far-reaching benefits to humanity and the world.
  • Case studies of successful InnoCentive Challenges that have contributed to the public good, including Prize4Life and Conquer Paralysis Now
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