Harnessing the Global Talent Pool to Accelerate Innovation

An InnoCentive White Paper

“There are always more smart people outside your company that within in”

Increasing demands for speed and efficiency are causing organizations to become ever more virtual and flexible and to utilize more variable resources. We are seeing a move from a mindset of ‘talent ownership’, where recruitment and the hiring transition is king, to one of ‘talent attraction’ - building and maintaining talent communities that keep talent connected to the organization even when they are not employed by it. In this new world of work, organizations must have strategies in place for attracting both internal and external talent to their innovation efforts. In this white paper, we’ll take you through:

  • Why having an external talent strategy is becoming so important
  • How leading organizations build and manage their open innovation and crowdsourcing efforts
  • How different companies are engaging external talent for business success
  • Strategies for attracting talent to your organization’s innovation efforts.
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